Thursday, May 11, 2006

The true Mass. The unbloody Sacrifice of Calvary. The text taken from the encyclical letter "Mediator Dei", is a condemnation of all that has been changed with the so called "Indult Mass".
His Holiness Pope Pius XII condemned the table form, the elimination of black from the liturgical colors, and the neglect of showing Our Lord in his suffering state. The tragedy of our day is that many heretical false clergymen use the correct form in saying the Mass, but deny their deluded followers any sort of sanctifying grace, because of the priest's lack of obedience to a visible authority in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. So many of these men claim to be true and correct. Even if they are true priests saying a true Mass, it is merely a valid sacrilege, on account of a lack of obedience to a true Bishop. All so-called Catholics should know that the Church can survive without a Pope, but it does not exist without a Bishop. Can a free-mason be a true bishop? How about one who supports birth control? Is a defrocked, laicized priest a true bishop? The Church says no, and Saint Paul would agree. It is pointless to argue any of these points with a "good Catholic", for, as Saint Paul says: "We are fools in Christ, but you are wise." So we little friars merely cry out from the depths to Our Saviour, confident in His revelations to Saint Margaret of Cortona, that in the end days, only His beloved Friars Minor would be left to defend the honor of His Mystical Body.